Training for Martial Arts
Training Bags

You must ensure you pick a good quality training heavy bag to help develop and strengthen your striking skills. There are freestanding and hanging bags, each offer their own benefits depending on the type of training. You also want to make sure you choose the proper weight for a bag. Each bag has it’s own set of drills you can use it for in your practice and training. Fore more information on training bags and for a information about training bag drills, visit

There are various mats used for martial arts disciplines. It’s important to make sure you know the proper mat needed for your discipline. Safety is of the utmost in any physical activity. Knowing the terminology in your discipline will also help you select the proper mat. For a complete guide to mats in martial arts, visit

Home Workout Routine

There are many home workout routines that can help supplement your martial arts training. Full-body and cardio workouts are helpful to build your strength to help supplement your training –– with minimal equipment. Many websites offer training videos you can purchase or sample workouts for free. To look at some example workouts to do at home to supplement your martial arts training, visit


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