Using Weapons

Types of Weapons

There are a variety of martial arts weapons available for each form. Not every form uses a weapon. Various forms also use only specific weapons. Weapons range from swords and sticks to spears and daggers. Read more about each weapon and its use online at The site also includes a brief description of the weapons and some photos.


The use of weapons can have several benefits while training. The weapons can be seen as an extension of the fighter’s body. Because they have some weight to them, these weapons can be used to help strengthen and tone muscle. The use of weapons also teaches the user to control a weapon and use it properly. With proper weapon training, users may be able to use other household items as weapons in potentially dangerous situations while defending themselves. To read more about the benefits of training with weapons, visit

Not every studio or school offers training with a weapon for safety reasons. It is important to respect the weapon and instructor while learning how to use them to avoid injury. Using weapons can protect the user from a potentially dangerous situation and aid them in defending themselves from an attacker. For more information about training with weapons properly, visit


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